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A letter from JacQ

Dear Friends,

Footwear has always been the passion of all men & women. Fashionable, comfortable and eye-catching styles are not only selection criteria.  We do care of the value of persistence and protection of your feet.

The details of color, lanyards, shoe cushion are always a concern of fashion footwear followers. Sharing common concern, JacQ brings you beautiful products that meet the listed above criteria. They are durable, soft and trendy which are suitable for all day activities. Our products are designed by Japanese and manufactured 100% in Japan. You will be surprised at the value of products compared to our selling prices. We thrive to maintain a reasonable profit while still meet our customer demands.  We manufacture directly with factories and a professional design team.

A nice pair of shoes enhances your confidence, even a thought of conquering your desire. Choosing a type of shoes does not merely follow fashion trends but it also reflects true character of the respective owners. Hope you are able to find your favorite pairs from JacQ brand. Last but not least, for each pair of shoes you buy from JacQ physical store and online shop, JacQ will donate a pair of canvas shoes to kids in need. Take a look at our Giving Campaign and learn more about our favorite program.

Thanks for choosing us!



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