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JacQ aims to bring the power of faith in human kindness and believe in the beauty of meaningful giving.

About Us

Formed by a group of friends and professionals, JacQ intends to raise public awareness of impoverished children and share our social responsibility in helping them. Our ambition is to reciprocate your tireless support back to these disadvantage youths. JacQ believes in the beauty of giving and the power of kindness, can change lives.

Footwear has always been an integral part of every men and women wardrobe. Trendsetting, comfortable, eye-catching shoes along with their striking color, texture and details have been the fashion benchmark. JacQ, for the discerning eye, meets all of your criteria and more.
JacQ merges the essential East-n-West concepts and proudly introduces 100% *Made in Japan* shoes with superb qualities and thoughtful designs to our customers. Our shoes are durable, soft, trendy and suitable for all-day activities. Unmistakably, a pair of shoes reflects your personality, confidence and character. Let JacQ shoes support your individuality in style, comfort and quality.
Shop with us online and in store today. Shop at JacQ and we care for your feet and our community. Take a look at our Giving Campaign and learn more about our favorite programs.
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*Business Improves Lives. Live Passionately. Give Beautifully.”
JacQ supports humanitarian programs through raising social awareness and making a positive impact to the community. For every single product sold, we pledge an equivalent item toward underprivileged children in Vietnam.
In collaboration with our designers and partners, JacQ strives for trendy, elegant, high quality Japanese products for your everyday needs.
At JacQ, we believe our communities thrive with your valuable support.


  • Exclusively designed for JacQ
  • Specially designed for Asian feet
  • Energetic & trendy style
  • High quality Japanese designed and made shoes

Behind our Products and Brand

Rumi Tanaka is a young designer, living and working in Japan. She graduated from MODE Fashion Institute in Tokyo and holds teaching credentials in fashion. After graduation, Rumi went to New York for post-study work arrangement. She spent a few years here to collect hands-on experiences in fashion industry. Rumi has the ability to design both clothes and shoes. However, she devotes her time in designing shoes and loves every minute of it. She has designed shoes for major Japanese brands to participate in seasonal exhibition. Rumi collaborates with JacQ in our first design batch back in 2015 and spends her enthusiasm for the exclusive design templates.

Lê Huỳnh Thành Danh (Jeremiah Lê) is a Vietnamese graphic designer with a strong passion for branding and magazine, currently living and working in Bangkok, Thailand. He graduated from Architecture University of Ho Chi Minh City with a Diploma in Architect but he loves graphic design. Jeremiah is the founder of Mile magazine and Giay magazine which are independent magazine, focus on art and lifestyle. Jeremiah joined JacQ since the first day and helped us with branding development.